Independent Account Managers is the specialist division of TCS which is concerned with account management from as early as the payment due date to approximately 60 days.

IAM seeks to maintain an excellent relationship with your customer base by providing early, structured, professional and personal follow-up of your overdue accounts. IAM does not seek to recover bad or doubtful debts - we aim to prevent our client's accounts ever getting that far.

The Independent Account Managers (IAM) philosophy is a simple one! We are all specialists in our own field of business, and our businesses thrive when we have time to do what we do best!

We will conduct a review of your business' existing credit policy and account management procedures.

Where necessary, we will suggest ways to improve your credit policy to minimise the risk of bad debts arising.

We then design and implement an account follow-up procedure specifically tailored to your business.

IAM can administer your accounts from as early as the payment due date. We aim to reduce your days sales outstanding by conducting regular, personal, and timely follow-ups of your overdue accounts.

IAM promptly remits monies paid and keeps you informed with regular reports on your outstanding accounts.

Because we are in the credit industry we can identify problems before they become bad debts. IAM provides increased cashflow, reduced debt age, and best of all, IAM leaves you with more time to concentrate on what you enjoy and do best.

IAM is cost effective too, with rates from as low as 1.5%
We are yet to have a client who isn't amazed at the difference early account management by IAM makes.

Please contact us for further details and costings.

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