We provide a professional, result focused and cost effective local service. Key attributes are;

• Commission based recovery: If we don’t get a result, you don’t pay commission
• Experience and Information: 40 staff located in three locations within Tasmania
• Credit Record: Debts lodged are recorded on the debtors credit record
• Our Website: which allows access to your debts, credit reports, and management reporting

Lodgement Procedure

It is important to lodge accounts as soon as you suspect there is a problem. There is an old saying in the collection industry "ccounts that get lodged early, get paid early".

Tasmanian Collection Service aims to make lodgement fast and convenient – we do not need you to prove the debt to us. All we need is a basic statement of claim identifying the debtor, address, a contact number, the amount of the debt and to what the debt relates. Additional information such as employment can also be very useful. If your credit agreement allows you to recover commission or overdue interest, this should be added to the account prior to lodgement. We provide a free service to members requiring advice on the design of a suitable credit agreement.

Recording a Default

Immediately upon lodgement, we record a payment default on the debtors credit report in our credit bureau. This action alone provides most debtors with a significant incentive to settle your account.

Collection Procedure

Demand Process

We will initially undertake an intensive program of timely correspondence and telephone contacts aimed at having the debtor pay the account in full (or if necessary under arrangement). In most cases legal action is not required and commission on money recovered is the only cost of the recovery.

Our commission structure enables us to pursue small debts and keep on pursuing debts that can only be paid by instalments. It also allows us to offer a reduction in some circumstances where a larger debt is paid in full or in large instalments.

Legal Action

If the debtor is uncooperative or will not make an acceptable arrangement for payment on a voluntary basis, TCS may recommend the issue of legal action where we believe that such action will lead to the recovery of the account.

TCS charges the cost of the legal action to your account, and upon settlement of the respective account by the debtor, the debtor refunds the recoverable cost.

There are many instances where we recommend against the issue of a legal action particularly in situations where we are aware that previous legal action has been unsuccessful.

See our section on legal terminology for more information on the legal process.


Internet Access

When you complete a Client Agreement, we will provide you with logon details to enable you to access our website. This will allow you to obtain credit reports, lodge debts for collection, download statistical performance information, or view our progress on debt matters.