TCS provides its subscribers with unparalleled access to credit information and control over their debts being collected.

As a subscriber to the TCS website, you can:

  • Instantly access credit information on individuals, businesses and companies.

  • Electronically lodge debts for recovery by Tasmanian Collection Service, or accounts that you wish managed.

  • View the latest details of debts currently being collected or managed.

  • Advise TCS of payments made, or instructions regarding a debt.

If you are not currently a subscriber to TCS, you will need to register with TCS, and pay a $74.80 (Inc. GST) subscription fee. Please fill in our information request form, and we will contact you; alternatively you can call us on (03) 6213 5555.

If you are already a subscriber to TCS, access to our website is free. Before we give you access however, we require all clients to sign a client agreement, which sets out the terms and conditions of your access and helps us classify your access rights under the privacy legislation.

If this is the first time your organisation has requested a website account, please download and print out our client agreement  and fax the completed form off to our Hobart office on fax number (03) 6234 2988; or send it to GPO Box 814H, Hobart TAS 7001. If you are unable to download the client agreement, or have any other queries, please email us at or fill in our information request form. Alternatively you can simply call us on (03) 6213 5555.

If your organisation has previously requested a website account, then your original account should have the ability to create additional accounts on our site for your use. If you do not know who your administrator is, or would like us to assist, please email or fill in our information request form. Alternatively you can simply call us at (03) 6213 5555.

As you may may appreciate, we are extremely mindful of the security of our systems, and our website is being constantly reviewed for security issues.

Subscriber access to our website is protected by a username and password, and all sensitive information is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure your privacy, and the privacy of the individuals and companies involved.

We require you to change your password every 90 days, and passwords entered are checked to ensure that they are sufficiently difficult to guess.

If a password is entered incorrectly more than 5 times, our system will automatically disable the account, and only reenable it after verifying that the properly authorised person is attempting to access it.

In addition, we also keep detailed audit logs of all access to our systems for a period of 6 months. These logs are checked on a daily basis, and unusual activity is investigated immediately.

We are regularly upgrading our security systems to keep abreast of the technology of the day, and we recommend that you also keep your web browser up to date in order to take advantage of the latest advances in internet security.

If you would like further information about our security arrangements please feel free to contact us.