At TCS we recognise that businesses have needs that extend beyond credit reporting and debt collection - which is why we offer a range of services which complement our core businesses including:


Credit Policy Advice

Whilst TCS enjoys the challenge and reward that comes from successfully recovering an overdue account, we also aim to assist our clients to avoid situations where a bad debt arises.

TCS has assisted many of its clients to establish a sound and workable credit policy and provides such assistance free of charge. See our 10 essential credit tips for advice on managing your credit.

If you would like us to review your credit policy, credit application form, credit terms or follow up procedures contact us.


Trade Bureau

TCS coordinates a Trade Bureau in the building industry.

A trade bureau is basically a forum for business owners, credit managers, or company accountants to come together to share information and experience about their industry.

Prior to each meeting, individual members supply an aged trial balance to TCS. These are compiled into an ‘industry trial balance’ which forms the basis for discussion at the bureau meeting.

No resolutions are passed in respect of matters discussed. Members decide individually if the information affects them and how it will be applied.

For further information on our Bureau Meetings please contact us.


Business Name and Company Searching

Many businesses periodically require access to the Corporate Affairs office, the Australian Securities and Investment Commission or other information databases.

You could run across town, or telephone your solicitor to provide this information. But if you want the information provided quickly and economically you should call TCS.

  • Current Extract
    Profile of company including ACN, incorporation details, registered office, trading address, Directors and Shareholders

  • Historical
    Company Profile of company, listing all of the above details since incorporation

  • Personal
    A listing of all companies that a person has been associated with, either as Director, Secretary or Public Officer

  • Additional Documents
    Includes annual returns, charges extract that show on a company extract.

  • Extract Business Name
    Current profile of business including registration details, principal place of business, postal address, proprietors details and nature of business

  • Nil Result
    Where a search of a given name is undertaken but no company or business name by that name can be found

Prices are subject to variation – please enquire.


Lands Title Searching

If you need to access lands title information, TCS can provide a fast, thorough and cost effective alternative to conducting the search yourself.

The following reports may be obtained on your behalf:

  • Index Search (TAS, QLD, VIC or NSW)
    Listing of property registered in a persons name

  • Title Search
    Copy of title which shows owner, whether the property has a mortgage of other encumbrance and details of the measurements of land.
  • Property Search
    Search of Index and copy of Title

  • Additional Documents
    Where copies of a particular document is required e.g. Mortgage, Caveat, Transfer

Prices are subject to variation – please enquire.

In addition to the reports listed above, TCS can also obtain the following reports on your behalf:

  • Association & Incorporation Searches
  • Bankruptcy Search
    Search of Federal Court records to ascertain whether a person has been declared bankrupt.

  • Interstate Credit Reports
    TCS can provide you access to credit information on individuals who live interstate (or may have recently lived interstate) through direct access to Veda Advantage

  • Supreme Court Search (TAS)
    Search of Supreme Court for actions against a particular name, e.g. Liquidation proceedings.

  • Probate

Pricicing may be subject to variation – please enquire.