Our Commitment
Tasmanian Collection Service undertakes to maintain high standards when it comes to your privacy. We recognise and accept our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles and in accordance with section 1.3 of the Australian Privacy Principles have outlined our policy on how we handle your personal information.

Why TCS collects your personal information
Tasmanian Collection Service will collect information about you for the primary purposes of providing credit reports, issuing credit related publications, collecting debts, and sundry other credit related services.

How TCS collects your personal information
Tasmanian Collection Service collects personal information from various sources. These may include, from you personally, from our clients, from publicly available information such as the Magistrates Court, or Australian Financial Security Authority. Tasmanian Collection Service will not collect personal information about you unless it is necessary for one of our functions or business activities. The information will be collected by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonable intrusive way.

What kind of information will TCS collect
Tasmanian Collection Service will collect a range of personal information, depending on the purpose for which it is collected. Such information may include but is not limited to, your name, address, contact details, court actions, bankruptcy and debt agreement and insolvency information.

Personal information contained on credit information files is held for a period of maximum of 5 years.

TCS will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any personal information held about you is complete, and up to date, and not misleading.

How TCS holds your personal information

TCS holds your personal information in a secure database. We may also hold electronic and hard copies of documents containing personal information (e.g., queries, complaints, requests for information and other relevant documents).

Any personal information held by TCS electronically can only be accessed by our authorised staff using personal accredited passwords.

Information held in hard copy is stored securely and only retained for a reasonable time, as necessary.

We only hold and use personal information for purposes directly related to our functions or activities or for the purposes for which the information was originally collected.

Information Security
Tasmanian Collection Service has all reasonable standards of technology and operational security to protect all information retained by us. All reasonable steps are taken to ensure that personal information is held secure from unauthorised access.

Who has access to your information
Tasmanian Collection Service will use and/or disclose your personal information for the purposes of carrying on our various business activities.

Personal information is used and disclosed for the purposes for which it was collected or a directly related purpose or where you have consented to the use or disclosure.

Access to consumer credit report files is only permitted where a credit provider holds an appropriate authority.

Access to your own Credit Report file
You can access your own credit information file. No fee is payable where; you have been declined on a credit application which you have made in the past 90 days (you will need to supply a copy of the decline notice or evidence); if your request relates to checking information has been corrected on your credit information file; or if you have not made a previous request for a free credit report within the last 12 months. In all other circumstances a small fee applies for a copy of your credit report file.

All requests for access must be in writing (application forms are available from any TCS office or from our website). You can apply to Tasmanian Collection Service for a copy of your file or to change any incorrect information on your file by writing to the following address, enclosing the fee (if applicable) and enclosing a copy of acceptable photo identification:

The Manager
Tasmanian Collection Service
GPO Box 814H
Hobart TAS 7001


How you can request a correction or make a complaint
The Privacy Act 1988 allows a period of 30 days to investigate a disputed matter on your credit report file. We want to do better than that. If you have a dispute, we will investigate and deal with your correction request or complaint in a fair, efficient, and timely manner.

You can either write to us with the details or you can come and see us face to face and often we can investigate it while you wait.

In the first instance, contact
Jenny Sparks
Tasmanian Collection Service
29 Argyle Street
Ph: (03) 6213 5555
Email: [email protected]

If a correction is necessary, we’ll make that for you. If it is determined that no amendment is required, you have the right to add a statement to your file.

Dispute Resolution

Tasmanian Collection Service is a member of the External Dispute Resolution Scheme, Tolling Customer Ombudsman scheme (TCO). Further information is available on their website Where we have investigated the matter and you’re unhappy with the outcome of the investigation, you have the right to complain to TCO or the Australian Information Commissioner. The contact details of each are set out below:

Tolling Customer Ombudsman (TCO)
PO Box 1101
Hobart TAS 7001
Telephone 1800 461 824
Email [email protected]

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
GPO Box 5218
Sydney NSW 2001
Telephone 1300 363 992
Email [email protected]

For further information on the Privacy Act 1988, please consult the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s website or the Privacy Act 1988.


In accordance with Section 23.11 of the CR Code, we provide the following reports with CR code metrics:

Privacy CR code report year ending 2014
Privacy CR code report year ending 2015
Privacy CR code report year ending 2016
Privacy CR code report year ending 2017
Privacy CR code report year ending 2018

In accordance with Paragraph 24.2 of the CR code, Credit Reporting Bodies (CRB) are required to conduct an Independent Compliance Review every 3 years, or as directed by the OAIC.  Tasmanian Collection Services engaged KPMG on 6 July 2017 to conduct the review. You can see their findings and our responses here.