Credit Reporting

As well as being Tasmania’s premier debt collection agency, Tasmanian Collection Service offers the States only specialised credit bureau service.

Tasmanian business writes off millions of dollars each year in bad debt. TCS can assist businesses avoid losing money by conducting independent credit checks for customers prior to doing business. The vast amounts of data collected form the basis of their credit information files. These files make up the TCS Credit Bureau.

TCS Credit Bureau
The TCS Credit Bureau is a comprehensive credit database available on the Tasmanian population. With details of over 50,000 payment defaults recorded each year, credit reporting through TCS is the most cost-effective way a business can minimise the risk of incurring a bad debt. Reports are available from as little as $5.50 (inc GST) for members of Tasmanian Collection Service.

Information contained in our credit bureau is maintained in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988. Provided that you are registered with TCS and hold appropriate authority from the credit applicant, we provide instant access to quality information that will assist you to make the right business decision.

What information is held in a credit report?
Tasmanian Collection Service holds a variety of information from default history, file enquiries, bankruptcy data, and legal action data. With over 60,000 defaults lodged each year the data available is comprehensive.

When you request a credit report from TCS, you will be asked to select the sections that you would like included in the report. These sections include public record, commercial credit details and consumer credit details. The consumer section of an individual’s credit file may only be accessed where an individual is applying for credit as a private consumer. Credit terms should be greater than 7 days.

The following authority commonly appears in credit application forms, and is considered appropriate for such purpose.

Sample Authority
The applicant (and guarantors) in completing this application authorises <<Business Name>> to disclose information contained herein to a credit reporting agency and to obtain consumer or commercial information permitted by the Privacy Act from a credit reporting agency and to use such information in order to assess the application for credit, and further to verify account references provided in support of this application. These authorities shall remain in force for the duration of the credit contract.

Specific authority is not required to access the Commercial or Public Record sections of an individuals credit file, however the individual must be reasonably aware that this type of report may be undertaken. Authority is also not required to access the credit file of a business.

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