Credit Reporting

Tasmanian business writes off millions of dollars each year in bad debt. TCS can assist businesses to avoid losing money by providing easy access to credit reporting services.

As well as being Tasmania’s premier debt collection agency, Tasmanian Collection Service has partnered with Australia’s largest and most sophisticated credit information provider, Equifax.  We have negotiated preferential rates with Equifax for our Tasmanian business clients to access their services, and we will assist you with the signup process and external dispute resolution requirements.  Equifax charges are conveniently billed through the TCS statement, saving you time and expense in the process.  Please contact us at [email protected] for pricing and further information.

What is a credit report?
A credit report is a summary of your customer’s credit history and can be used as part of your decision-making process to help you decide if you will extend credit to your customer.

What information is held in a credit report?
A credit report on an individual may contain:
Identifying information such as name, address, employment, date of birth, drivers’ licence.
Default information – a default is an overdue debt. A credit provider will list the overdue debt with Equifax Australia once they have complied with their obligations prior to a debt being listed.
Enquiries – these are enquiries where your customer has applied for credit.
Personal insolvencies and court actions – this lists any information in relation to Bankruptcy, Debt Agreements or Judgments recorded in Court.
Credit score – this is a score calculated on a scale and based on the activity held on the individual.
A credit report on a business may contain:
Identifying information such as registered business/company name, and ABN or CAN, operating and/or registered address.
A basic business report may also include some company financial information, public record, credit history, trade payments, director/proprietor information, industry classification (ANZSIC), PPSR registrations, default information.

Your credit application form must contain the appropriate authority to obtain information on your customer.

If you have not been provided with an Equifax username and password, please contact our office by emailing [email protected] to go through the signup process.
Access to Equifax products incur a fee which will appear on your monthly statement from Tasmanian Collection Service.