Poor accounts receivable practices such as extending credit to unqualified customers, not collecting the correct customer information, not invoicing regularly, failing to follow up on overdue invoices or not following through when questions are raised by customers can all contribute to the erosion of an organisation’s major asset. Its debtors ledger.

You may be a business that has been adversely affected during the current pandemic or you may be a business that has thrived. Either way, ensuring you have the right processes in place to help you best manage your accounts receivable ledger has never been more important. It has been proven time and again that robust accounts receivable processes contribute to the successful collection of overdue debts.

If you need assistance reviewing your accounts receivable processes or maybe you have some hard to collect accounts in your debtors ledger, maybe you are not sure if you should pursue a debt in the current climate or you may know what to do but have limited resources and nobody to follow up your overdue invoices… then TCS can assist.

Our Business Relationship Manager, Katrina de Kaste has over 30 years experience in debt collection, accounts receivable and credit control, and is here to work with you to assess your situation and tailor an approach that suits your business.

Call Katrina on 6213 5516 or email [email protected] and she will contact you to find out how we can help.