Position at TCS

Training Officer, Legal Department Supervisor, Compliance Auditor, Account Manager and Collection Officer. I have been fortunate to wear a lot of different hats during my time at TCS.

Years with TCS

35+ years

What does a day at TCS look like for you?

My day always starts with a Coffee! A typical day for me includes talking with potential new Clients who are contemplating referring debts to Tasmanian Collection Service finding out  about their business and finding solutions that we can use to recover their outstanding debt(s).

I assist the collection team with queries when they seek clarification or advice on debts they may be handling so that the best outcome for our Client can be achieved. I conduct compliance audits on collection files to ensure that our team are always working at best practice.

TCS aims to be innovative in it’s approach to collecting debt so I use the outcome of these audits to identify ways we can improve our service to our clients.

What aspect of your role do you find the most challenging?

The most challenging part of my role is trying to obtain payment from customers who do not always have an ability to repay a debt due to a change in their financial or life situation. It is important to me that I work with them and treat them with respect and care but also offer solutions that will assist and not place them, or my client, under further financial stress.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the financial landscape for a great number of people and our collection team has been supported with training on how best to deal with people who are vulnerable.

Describe a time when you achieved an unexpected result for a client.

Whilst I always try for a great outcome for all the clients I work for, an example of achieving an unexpected outcome would be when I collected a debt that had been owed to a client for quite some time, there was no current contact information for the customer, however, after making the right enquiries I was able to locate and speak to them. As a result of my efforts we received payment of the debt in full.

Our client was thrilled with the result as they were aware that the customer’s whereabouts were unknown and despite their efforts had unable to locate the person prior to lodging the debt with TCS.