What is your role at TCS?

General Manager

How long have you been with the business

I started with the business in 1979 so its 43 years this year!

Tell me about your role

I’ve been fortunate to work in every area of the business and that has given me invaluable insight to assist me in my role today.

I am responsible for improving efficiency, developing strategy, setting budgets, managing contracts with our larger clients, submitting tenders, and generally overseeing operations. I have the best team of skilled people in key areas of the business who all have great passion and that’s a huge bonus for me.

What’s your favourite thing about coming to work

I feel so lucky that 43 years later I still have the same drive and passion for my job that I did when I started as an office junior. We have a fantastic team with a great culture and that’s important. But perhaps the most rewarding thing is to know that we have helped someone solve a problem. It might be the customer who has found themselves in financial hardship and we have helped them to overcome the situation, or it might be the client that we’ve helped collect a debt for.

What floats your boat

PersonalUndoubtedly my two adult sons. Watching them both graduate from Uni this year and enter the working world knowing that I’ve imparted my own life skills and instilled good values in them both which I hope will hold them in good stead.

WorkKnowing I’ve made a difference. Well, you’d hope so after 43 years! It’s been rewarding to develop strategies to continue to grow the business in some pretty challenging times. I’m also proud of my team who boast an average tenure of 17 years. I’ve seen many join TCS as young juniors and now hold key roles within the organisation and I’d like to think I’ve been there to guide and encourage them along the way.