Working in the local economy means TCS is always abreast of local economic challenges and the issues impacting Tasmanian business.

We understand the challenges you and your business face, which is why we aim to provide articles to share our knowledge with you and assist you and your business to make the best credit related decisions and lessen the risk of incurring bad debt where possible.

When relevent news comes to hand, we’ll be sure to sure it with you through our blog, below.

Running a small business – a risky proposition!

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Running a business is not for the faint of heart; entrepreneurship is inherently risky. Successful business owners must possess the ability to mitigate company-specific risks while simultaneously bringing a product or service to market at a price point that meets consumer demand levels.

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, there were 40,955 businesses registered in Tasmania as at June 2020. Of this there were 25,303 non-employing businesses leaving a total of 15,652 businesses employing staff in Tasmania. The majority employing 1-4 staff (9,833), with only 1,197 employing more than […]

Bankruptcy Statistics December Quarter 2021 (October – December 2021)

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2408 new personal insolvencies in the December quarter 2021, these were Up 0.1% compared to the December quarter 2020.   All states and territories saw increases except for NSW.

Of the 2408 personal insolvencies

  • 1529 were bankruptcies
  • 841 Debt Agreements
  • 36 were personal insolvency agreements
  • 2 insolvent estates
  • 89% of bankruptcies were by debtors petition (voluntary) the remaining bankruptcies were by sequestration order (involuntary).

For the December 2021 quarter compared to December 2020 quarter

  • Bankruptcies fell by 100
  • Debtors petitions fell by 214
  • Sequestration orders rose by 114
  • Debt Agreements rose by […]

A few minutes with our Collection Manager Katrina (Kate) de Kaste

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What is your role at TCS?

Collection Manager

How long have you been with the business?

That’s a tough one, I actually started with TCS at the age of 15, as a junior credit reporting officer, in the Burnie office. I’ve had the opportunity to work at a number of other businesses in Tasmania & Victoria in Credit and Collection roles which has helped me to build on my knowledge and experience, but the allure of […]

Separating Couples and Debt

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A new resource has been developed to help separating couples fairly resolve responsibilities when it comes to joint and other debts. The resource is called Separating with debt: a guide to your legal options and is available from It provides practical information to help manage debts during and after separation.

Federal Attorney-General, Michaelia Cash said the guide would assist to avoid situations where one party is left unfairly shouldering the burden of joint and other debts.

The guide brings together […]

Appointment of State Business Development Manager

2022-02-04T09:57:50+10:00February 4th, 2022|Uncategorized|

TCS is very pleased to announce that Peter Bignold has joined our growing team of business professionals, in the role of State Business Development Manager. Peter brings with him a strong track record of successful partnerships, focusing on client outcomes and win win solutions.

Peter’s career spans over 30 years across multiple industries in Tasmania and mainland Australia, working for well-known multinationals such as BMC Software, FedEx, TNT, and Valvoline. His passion is sales and marketing and he is eager to put that knowledge into good use developing strong customer […]

Are You a Tasmanian Employer?

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What background checks do you do on your employees?

As an employer, it’s important to protect yourself by checking and verifying information about prospective employees.

What is fit2work?

fit2work helps you manage all your employee screening checks from a single place:

• Police checks

• Bankruptcy check

• Financial checks

• Basic Credit file checks

• Working with children verification

• Educational qualifications

• Entitlement to Work (Visa)

• AHPRA confirmation

• White card & Licence checks

• Reference checks

• Employment history verification

• Professional memberships

• Medicals

• Driver’s licence check

…. the list goes on.

Manage as […]

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