What is your role at TCS?   Administration Assistant

How long have you been with TCS? I have been with TCS for 4 months

Where did you come from?  I was working as a restaurant/ bar manager at veg bar, as well as managing multiple social media accounts for FKAJD Restaurants.

Tell me about your role? I am one of Kristy’s minions! I assist with administrative duties such as processing client debt collection lodgements, managing the cashier inbox, conducting searches, processing Bpay’s, printing the mail and processing Personal Information Records.

What’s your favourite thing about coming to work? Nothing compares to the team here at TCS. Working with a group of people who are incredibly supportive and welcoming makes it a breeze to come to work everyday.

What floats your boat?

Work- lodgements

Personal – photography, cooking, painting- anything creative.