2408 new personal insolvencies in the December quarter 2021, these were Up 0.1% compared to the December quarter 2020.   All states and territories saw increases except for NSW.

Of the 2408 personal insolvencies

  • 1529 were bankruptcies
  • 841 Debt Agreements
  • 36 were personal insolvency agreements
  • 2 insolvent estates
  • 89% of bankruptcies were by debtors petition (voluntary) the remaining bankruptcies were by sequestration order (involuntary).

For the December 2021 quarter compared to December 2020 quarter

  • Bankruptcies fell by 100
  • Debtors petitions fell by 214
  • Sequestration orders rose by 114
  • Debt Agreements rose by 94
  • Personal insolvency agreements rose by 9

In the December quarter 2021, 37.3% of bankruptcies were business related.  This is a rise from 35.5% on December quarter 2020.

State and territory levels

State Number of


December Quarter 2021

Tasmania 78
Victoria 383
NSW 691
Queensland 768
South Australia 157
Northern Territory 18
Western Australia 278
ACT 25
Other 10


State and territory figures will not necessarily sum to the national total. If multiple debtors in the same state or territory enter into a joint administration, they are included once in these figures.


Other includes records where no address is stated, records coded to other Territories and records where the stated address is not in the Australian Statistical Geography Standard (ASGS)


Source: Australian Financial Security Authority. Quarterly personal insolvency statistics

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