What is a Garnishee?

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A Garnishee is an instruction from the court to a paymaster to deduct regular instalments from the debtor’s wage and to pay these to the Court. Where the debtor is known to work on a contract basis a Money Due Garnishee may be issued ordering the party for whom the debtor contracts to pay all money owed, (up to the amount of the debt) directly to the court.

What is a Judgment?

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If no defence is filed with the court the plaintiff is entitled to request the court to enter a default Judgment. The Judgment is recognition by the court that the debt is due and empowers the plaintiff to seek recovery of the debt with the authority of the court. This may be done by a number of means.

What is a Defence?

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A defence is the defendant’s formal advice to the court that they are not prepared to admit the creditor’ Claim. Defended matters under $5000 will usually be transferred to the Small Claims division of the Magistrates Court (Civil Division), other matters will remain in the jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court. Most Claims proceed to Judgment without a defence being lodged.

What is a Claim?

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A claim (also known as a summons) is a formal document issued by the court to the Defendant (debtor) to attend court on a specified date to answer a charge taken by the Claimant (creditor). Upon receipt of a summons the defendant has 21 days to lodge a defence.

How does legal action help?

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If the debtor is uncooperative or will not make an acceptable arrangement for payment on a voluntary basis, TCS may recommend the issue of legal action where we believe that such action will lead to the recovery of the account.
TCS charges the cost of the legal action to your account, and upon settlement of the respective account by the debtor, the debtor refunds the recoverable cost.
There are many instances where we recommend against the issue of a legal action particularly in situations where we are aware that previous legal […]

How will TCS collect the debt?

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We will initially undertake an intensive program of timely correspondence and telephone contacts aimed at having the debtor pay the account in full (or if necessary, under arrangement). In most cases legal action is not required and commission on money recovered is the only cost of the recovery.

Should I use my solicitor instead?

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Some of our clients question whether they should use their solicitor to collect money. While legal action can be an important part of debt collection, it should be used as a last resort. The objective is to recover money quickly and efficiently.  Our database of information is second to none in Tasmania.

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