Probably much to Hollywood’s disappointment, debt collecting doesn’t involve 7ft tall guys with dark glasses and a rather stern demeanour, well not always. Realistically debt collecting in today’s society is an extremely professional and diligent extension of many businesses. It is heavily regulated with laws protecting the consumer and the credit provider.

Our team of professional debt collectors and account managers are experts in their field, and they are armed with the latest technology, extensive databases, training and tools to ensure they communicate effectively and efficiently with clients and customers. Our collectors go through extensive regular training on legislation requirements, customer service training and compliance. In fact our team just completed a 12 month course on “Healthy Conversations” looking at ways to ensure every conversation is as comfortable and productive as possible for all involved.

The average tenure for our team is about 17 years, and one of our collectors has been with us for over 40, and several over 30. What this means to our clients is very simple, continuity of care, experience, professionalism and ultimately results. When a new collector starts, they spend a long time learning from our experienced team before they commence collection activities. They study the fine art of collecting to ensure they are not only effective but also represent our clients and our business to the highest of standards.

The way we approach the recovery of debts is very consultative and we demonstrate high degree of empathy for all involved, whilst maintaining a desire to be results focused.

Life throws challenges at everyone daily, whether it be financial troubles, loss of a job, relationship breakdown or any one of many situations that can create an environment where debts can be a problem. Our collectors understand this, you see they are people too, they live and work in the local communities we serve. They have kids, and partners and pets and use the local grocery store and attend the local footy. These well-rounded experiences help our collectors to possess a true understanding of the pressures that come to bear on families and work through those unique challenges with everyone involved.

Sometimes people just need more time to pay, some may need to set up a payment plan until they get back on their feet, in some cases there is a genuine dispute and other times we need to engage legal resources to bring things to a conclusion.

Often there are emotions involved and we understand the stress and strain financial matters can place on businesses and individuals. We have the experience, local knowledge and know how to make a real difference to help those in need at often difficult times.

Debt collecting for us isn’t heavy handed, it is a process of discovery, compassion and empathy whilst driving forward to try to look for that win win scenario.
At Tasmanian Collection Service (TCS) we aim to provide debt recovery services which assist individuals and businesses to resolve problems caused by debt. TCS is necessarily forthright in its approach, notwithstanding, we aim to achieve positive outcomes for both our clients and customers.
TCS is committed to our values of honesty, integrity, fairness, respect and confidentiality in all dealings with our clients and customers. We are dedicated to listening and striving for results that are pleasing for our clients and customers alike.

Why stress yourself on recovering a debt when you have an agency who can get it done for you? A collection agency can help you retrieve your money from your debtors and manage the situation professionally allowing you get to preserve your relationships and get on with the job at hand.
We recognise that every business and every case is different. We invite you to contact us directly for a confidential and obligation free chat about the best was to approach your specific needs.

With over 140 years’ experience in debt collection and credit management in the Tasmanian marketplace, we have the right people, tools, and knowledge to make a difference to your bottom line. Get your debts under control quickly and easily by engaging our services.

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